Ultimate Garages goes online

If you're like us, you probably already own a copy of Ultimate Garages by Phil Berg, who in his career has been a former editor of both AutoWeek and Car & Driver. Ultimate Garages is that one gift friends and family members know you'll like for sure.

Mr. Berg, now enjoying a successful freelance career, has moved his book online to UltimateGarages.net, which features stories and pics of Garage Mahals that are worthy of your envy. Some innovative elements on the site include tips from garage experts about building your perfect automotive abode, product reviews and a 'swap meet'.

Ultimate Garages the book is pure auto indulgence and fantasy for most of us, so props to Mr. Berg for bringing us a new way to live vicariously through the wealthy.

[Source: UltimateGarages.net via Winding Road]

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