Biodiesel, waste-processing plants to power each other

One of the common complaints by naysayers of ethanol and other alternative fuels is that fossil fuels are still needed to either manufacture the alternate energy source (i.e., diesel tractors to harvest corn) or generate it (i.e., coal-burning power plant to make the electricity to fuel an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle).
Farmers Union Industries, LLC, though, has developed a partial solution. The cooperative-owned corporation, in conjunction with Home Farms Technologies USA Inc., will develop a new power-plant that generates its power from the burning of waste products such as animal fats and garbage shipped from the surrounding cities. The new power plants will then power Farmer Union's biodiesel manufacturing plants. States Don Davis, president of Farmer Union, "It's going to be one of the first plants like this in the United States. There are few plants similar to this."

Construction of the new plant is scheduled for 2007. More details can be found at the link.

[Source: Agri News]

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