Ford the talk of the town

You would think that Ford Motors would be but a whisper on anyone's tongue with all the merger talk about an alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan. But according to the Keller Fay Group, the Blue Oval is actually the most talked about brand among in America at the moment. The marketing research and consulting company, which measures brands via word of mouth advertising, ranks the automotive company ahead of wireless company Verizon and computer maker Dell.
But being the talk of the town is not all good news. Ford failed to crack the top ten for positive word of mouth. Rival Toyota Motor Corp scored the number one spot in that list. Interesting, Wal-Mart scored second after Toyota despite all the negative press about the retail chain.

So how important is word of mouth? According to Keller Fay Group CEO Ed Keller, nearly half of the consumers who participated in these surveys are likely to buy a brand because of what other people say about the product.

[Source: Associated Press via Canton Repository]

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