Toyota Mega Web: The best auto showroom ever?

There are car showrooms, and then there is the Toyota Mega Web, a sprawling complex that houses a sampling of every Toyota passenger vehicle on the market (Lexus included). The cars are all unlocked, giving visitors the opportunity to get in, adjust the seats and try the switchgear just as if they're at a car show

Better still at the "Ride One" attraction, the cars from Toyota's lineup can be test-driven on the facility's private track. 300 yen (around $2.60 USD)  puts you in the driver's seat for two laps around the 1.3km test course. You just need a valid international driver's license from a Geneva Convention country, and must not exceed 40km/h while on the circuit.

That's not all. As you make your way through the Mega Web's three buildings, you can admire race cars from Toyota's various motorsports efforts, get in touch with your green side in the "Hybrid Wonderland," and admire classics from Toyota and other manufactures in the "History Garage," a themed area set up to look like Tokyo from 1950 to 1970. In addition to seeing classic Toyotas like the spectacular 2000GT, don't be surprised to see representatives from other marques either. An E-Type Jag, Fiat 500 and Cadillac Eldorado convertible are among the foreign cars keeping the old Toyotas company.

Getting from building to building is a snap, too. If you like, you can jump on the "eCom Ride," which places you in a self-propelled electric commuter car that runs on an elevated track providing great views of the complex as you travel between buildings. Other attractions you can visit along the way are a hall showcasing Toyota concept cars, an area dedicated to design, and a special hybrid ride for kids, where tykes can pedal a motor-assisted cart through a 150m course. Older kids and grownups  can show off their Gran Turismo 4 skills on the massive Mega Theater screen.

Naturally, there are restaurants and gift shops to keep you well-fed and swag-laden. If you like cars, the Mega Web sounds like a must-see. The guys who run the excellent Nihon Car & Bike visited this Toyota theme park themselves and posted a full write-up, photo gallery and an excellent, must-see video (in English) that tells you everything about the place.

If you plan to be in Tokyo, add a visit to the Toyota Mega Web to your to-do list.

Tip: When you visit the official Mega Web internet site, check out the Japanese version after you've read through the English one. The Japanese site has more content, such as photos of the individual cars in the History Garage.

[Source: Toyota via Nihon Car & Bike]

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