SuperGrid will deliver hydrogen, more electricity trough-out North America

If reading some tech-y details of how the upcoming hydrogen economy might actually work is your thing, you'll have quite a good time reading the feature article in the current article of Scientific America. A group of engineers and physicists who have been developing something called the SuperGrid wrote an article describing their work and its possible impact. The upshot is that our current electrical grid – developed bit by bit over the past 100 years – is no match for the upcoming energy requirements. First, this is because more power will need to go through the wires. Second, this is because green energy (like, for example, wind energy) is often created in a less regular manner than, say, energy produced from coal. Also, if hydrogen is going to power our automobiles, then we're going to need a way to move it around the continent. The SuperGrid is one such option, using "40-centimeter-diameter pipes filled with liquid hydrogen" strung along the SuperGrids new SuperCables.

[Source: Scientific American]

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