High-performance electric vehicle straight from the fashion runway

Fashion industry stars André and Coqueline Courrèges have produced a third fully-functional EV prototype, the Zooop, a lightweight car that can go 450 km (about 280 miles) per charge and uses "Lithium Polymer batteries that are lighter, have greater power density don't overheat, charge quicker and offer many more recharges" and can reach speeds of 180 km/h (about 112 mph), according to Gizmag.

The Maison de Courrèges, the fashion house run by André and Coqueline is a long-time promoter of EVs, using them in fashion shows since 1969. The duo revamped its EV promotion with the release of La Bulle at the 2002 Michelin Bibendum Challenge, then came out with the EXE in 2004. Typical of their behind-the-scenes involvement with EVs in the past, the Courrèges are not saying what their future plans are in the EV field.

[Source: Gizmag]

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