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European union leaders meet over Renault-Nissan's proposal for General Motors

Speaking of the Renault-Nissan-General Motors goings-on, leaders at unions in European countries Germany and France have a meeting scheduled to chat about how a deal between Renault-Nissan and General Motors could affect European automotive workers. It's unlikely that union pressure would kill any kind of deal, but it puts France, which holds 15 percent of Renault, in a tricky spot. The United Auto Workers in the U.S. hasn't come out in opposition to the deal, but the union is likely waiting to see what kind of deal shapes up before deciding whether to be for or against.

One issue on the table include how the deal could speed up globalization, sending auto jobs to Eastern Europe from Germany and France. The French union in particular finds it difficult to believe that a deal of such proportions could only hurt Renault's domestic sales, which are currently low.

[Source: Financial Times via MSNBC]

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