After selling his very sweet MINI Mania-suped MINI Cooper S to the highest bidder for $33,800.00, Dale Jr. is in the process of unloading another of his magnificent stable inhabitants, a 2005 Corvette C6 with paint work of cherry red and flames and only 2,096 miles on the odometer. As a side note, he might want to start thinking about another venue besides eBay... the aftermarket upgrades alone probably cost close to the bidding price, minus the actual car. At any rate, the bidding is up close to $70K and Jr. has even offered to sign the hood, so pony up the cash (and save some to redo the paint if fire isn't your thing).

"Looking to upgrade his car collection," hmm? We're furiously scanning the tabloids for more information on the reason for Dale's fire sale, we'll keep you posted.

[Source: eBay]

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