Explorer develops a superiority complex

In Japan, there are four trim levels in the Ford Explorer lineup: XLT, Eddie Bauer, Limited, and the just-announced Superior.

The deal with the Explorer Superior is pretty simple. Basically, it's a loaded Explorer Limited that gets a real wood center console and door pulls, custom floormats, model-specific badges, and chromed sideview mirrors with built in turn signals. Black and gold are the only color selections, and there are two options for the interior leather/wood combo.

The big chrome grille up front has "SUPERIOR" emblazoned across its width, letting less-informed motorists know they're in the presence of a ¥7,000,000 SUV. At the current exchange rate, that's roughly $61,000 USD -- a huge sum even when you consider that the Explorer is a more expensive vehicle in Japan to begin with.

With the almost-identical Limited and well-appointed Eddie Bauer also available, one wonders just how many people will actually pony up the extra cash to feel "Superior" behind the wheel.

(Interior pic after the jump)

[Source: Ford Japan (translated)]

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