Cilion to build eight modular ethanol plants

By 2008, a new company called Cilion will be operating eight ethanol production plants each capable of producing 55 million gallons of ethanol. The interesting aspect is that these plants will be built from identical, modular plans. The first three will be built in California. Cilion was formed by Western Milling, a large grain milling company in California, and Khosla Ventures, a venture assistance and capital firm. There isn't a lot of information on the modular plants in the press release, but the benefits of the standardization are in full effect. Kevin Kruse, president of Western Milling, said, "The bottom line is that Cilion will be able to produce environmentally friendlier ethanol in California at a lower cost than ethanol produced in the traditional Midwest corn ethanol plants and delivered to California."
[Source: Renewable Energy Access]


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