The Chevelle Project - another fan project for GM

After reading our post yesterday about supporters at GMInsideNews creating dream lineups for General Motors, Autoblog reader Josh Oliver wanted us to know that the Cheers and Gears Underground project had done something similar called the Chevelle Project. This is no hobbled together collection of Photochopped images, but rather a complete portfolio of a possible rear-wheel drive Chevelle lineup including a sedan, coupe, convertible, sportwagon and resurrected El Camino. Pay particular attention to the SS models (SS Convertible shown above), which are not the shells of their former selves that are sold today.

The Chevelle Project website is a polished affair the presents each proposed model with a gallery of renderings from multiple angles; a spec sheet that includes powertrain choices, mileages, dimensions and capacities; a chart that compares each model with potential competitors; and an Overview page full of marketing speak that could've been written by General Motors itself.

It's quite remarkable how far the Cheers and Gears Underground people went with their efforts. The Chevelle Project took a year and a half to complete and was announced on March 15th, 2005. The site does say that more nameplates will get the "Underground" treatment in the future, so hopefully we'll see another model from them in the near future. 

[Source: Cheers and Gears Underground]

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