As the FIA prepares Max Mosley's more restrictive Formula 1 rules package for its 2008 debut, its World Motor Sport Council has decided that Microsoft (Yes, that Microsoft. Really.) will be the official supplier of engine control units under the new rules, which go into effect for the 2008 season.

We'll resist the temptation to resurrect all of those "If Microsoft made cars" jokes, but we just have to point out that if the F1 ECUs follow the same development path as Windows Vista, Max may have to wait until 2009 (or 2010...) before kicking off his 2008 season. And of course, "crashing" will take on a new meaning... (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

In other news, the Council confirmed Bridgestone as the sole tire supplier for Formula 1 for 2008 through 2010. With the withdrawal of Michelin at the end of 2006, Bridgestone will move to de facto sole supplier status a year ahead of schedule, in 2007.

[Source: FIA]

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