Renault Sport Technologies, the high-performance division of Renault responsible for the Clio Renault Sport, has unveiled the next variant of the new Clio - the Clio Cup. Essentially a racing version of the Clio Renault Sport road car, the Clio Cup is the latest iteration of Renault's popular one-design racecar, first launched in 2001.

For about $37,000, racers get a fully turnkey racecar, complete with rollcage, racing seat, harness, a six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel-mounted shifter, digital dash and data acquisition system. (While that may seem like big money for a 2-liter hatchback, for a brand-new, fully-equipped racecar it's a screaming deal.)

The powertrain is basically stock, although a new engine management system, airbox and exhaust system give the normally-aspirated 2-liter powerplant a slight power boost to 205 hp.

The chassis and suspension are suitably stiffened for track use, with solid mounts and bushings replacing more compliant road car units.

To level the playing field for competitors, and to control costs for race teams, the engine, shock absorbers, gearbox, and ECU are sealed when they leave the factory.

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[Source: Renault]

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