EPA rule to reduce stationary diesel engine emissions 90 percent in 2015

A new EPA requirement limiting emissions from stationary diesel engines (such as those used at power, chemical and manufacturing plants or in emergencies to produce electricity or pump water) was adopted June 28. The new rule requires new, modified or reconstructed diesel engines to gradually emit less NOx, PM, SO2, CO, and HC between now and 2015. The EPA estimates an overall emissions reduction of 90 percent for some of these substances by the time the lower limits are fully in effect in 2015. There are three stages of implementation, affecting pre-2007 models, models built in 2007-2010, and those built in or after 2011. This is the first time stationary diesel engines have been regulated at a federal level, and the EPA is making sure that the health benefits of lower diesel emissions are touted in the new requirement. You can read a PDF of the regulation, called New Source Performance Standards, here.
[Source: EPA via Diesel Net]

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