Drivers in Alaska - like others in America - getting into fuel economy

Auto dealers in Anchorage, Alaska are sensing an attitude shift in what new car buyers are interested in, according to an article in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News. Instead of giant SUVs and large trucks to make the drive home look like a modern TV commercial, buyers are concerned about gas mileage. Smaller SUVs and trucks, diesel VWs and efficient sedans are what's hot right now, and customers trying to trade in their larger vehicles are disappointed in the low trade-in value. As one dealer puts it in the piece, "It's pretty tough because a customer expects so much, and the dealers just can't put that much money into them. The market is kind of shrinking for that type of vehicle right now."
And the anecdotal evidence in the article suggests that even in the cold Alaskan winters, hybrids are running just fine. There is a six-month waiting period to buy a new Prius at the local Toyota dealer.

[Source: Anchorage Daily News via Hybrid Cars]

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