Lamborghini Bullish on Goodwood

The updates on who's bringing what to this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed continue to come in, the latest being from Automobili Lamborghini.

In the Cartier Style et Luxe paddock, examples of the utterly breathtaking classic Lamborghini Miura (above) will be on display. They'll be joined by the magnificently retro 2006 Miura Concept that was unveiled at this year's Detroit Auto Show. The concept is a wonderful homage  that puts a modern spin on the near-perfect design of the original cars. Sadly, there are no plans to build it.

Speaking of modern Lamboirghinis, the first spanky-new Murcielago LP640 in the UK will be on hand to make the hill climb with -- this is the fun part -- Lambo test driver Valentino Balboni behind the wheel. At Lamborghini gatherings where Mr. Balboni is present, he is treated like a rock star, and rightly so. When Balboni drives a Lamborghini, it is like watching a magician. He can wring performance out of the cars that will leave onlookers slack-jawed. The Top Gear clip of Balboni working over a Diablo VT with Jeremy Clarkson riding shotgun is a personal favorite (I've embedded it after the jump).

To see the video is to love Valentino Balboni. Watch it and you'll understand. As far as Goodwood is concerned, the fans will be in for a treat when that man rolls the Murcielago up to the starting line.

(Video, Photos, press release after the jump)

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Valentino Balboni on Top Gear:



Press Release:

Lamborghini past and present at Goodwood Festival of Speed

30 June 2006.../.  Visitors to Goodwood Festival of Speed will enjoy a unique opportunity to witness the new Murciélago LP640 making its UK debut by 'going up the hill', whilst in the Cartier Style et Luxe paddock, original Miura models will be accompanied by the Miura Concept car.

The Murciélago LP640 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The LP640 at Goodwood is the first of the new Murciélago models to arrive in the UK, and will be driven by one of the factory's test drivers, Valentino Balboni.

The Miura Concept car was the first Lamborghini vehicle to be conjured from the pen of Walter de' Silva, Head of Lamborghini Design. De Silva's other responsibilities include serving as Head of Design of Audi Group.  The Miura Concept is a retro-inspired concept car heralding back to one of the automotive world's most famous icons, the legendary Lamborghini Miura.  Designed in celebration of the Miura's fortieth anniversary and with no plans for production, the Miura Concept will be displayed alongside original Miura models.

Official Lamborghini merchandise will also be retailed at Goodwood Festival of Speed, in unit 151 in the merchandise and retailing area by the start line.

Lamborghini opened two further dealerships in the UK in May in Edinburgh and Birmingham, joining the existing outlets in London and Manchester.

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