Honda and Spallino family celebrate FCX's first birthday

In June, 2005, Honda Motor Co. leased it first fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX, to the Spallino family (pictured) for two years. The Spallinos, who live in Los Angeles, use the vehicle as their daily vehicle to shop, ferry kids to sports, and some long-distance travels. They log their usage of the FCX, thus providing real-world information to the automotive company. The Spallinos have also another role: impromptu fuel cell educators.
"I am surprised at the amount of attention and rubbernecking received while driving the FCX," says Jon Spallino. "Despite being a developing technology, we have not suffered from any reliability issues and the car has all the comforts and conveniences we need."

Additional information on the FCX can be found at the link. 

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[Source: PR Newswire]

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