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Biodiesel grows up in California

We've written a lot about the various ways biodiesel is promoted and used in San Francisco (click here for previous stories). The San Francisco Chronicle spent the time and column inches to produce a long feature on the biofuel in yesterday's Sunday edition and found the general trend over the past few years in the biodiesel community is a transition from hobby fuel to general use and government promotion through, for example, using biodiesel in fleet vehicles.
In California especially the increase in biodiesel use is dramatic. One biofuel co-op, BioFuel Oasis, saw its membership numbers quadruple to 1,500 since it opened in 2003. This in a state far away from the crop fields that supply most of the biomass used to make virgin biodiesel. The article makes clear that in the complicated vehicle energy future, biodiesel will have a place.

[Source: San Francisco Chronicle]

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