No, officer, I'm not drunk. Just talkin' on my cellphone

Sibling blog engadget reports on another study supposedly showing that driving while under the influence of cellphones is identical to drunk driving. 40 volunteers were rotated through three setups in a driving simulator: one while conversing on a handheld cellphone, one using a hand-free set, and one while intoxicated with a blood alcohol of 0.08.
The results showed cellphone users drive at speeds that vary more than average, with nine percent of those drivers less likely to use their brakes. Three drivers during the cellphone setup rear-ended the virtual vehicles in front of them. None of the alcohol-impaired drivers crashed, though they tended to drive slower and more aggressively.

The study was conducted by the University of Utah and published in the journal Human Factors. A representative from the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association responded that if the study's conclusions were factual, there should have been a corresponding spike in traffic accidents when cellphones hit the market. The opposite is happening with traffic accidents, which have been decline in recent years.

[Source: CNET; Forbes; Yahoo via engadget]

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