YouTube video of GM's HyWire in action

GM's hydrogen-powered HyWire is not your typical car. All controls are in the steering "wheel" and the chassis is easily changeable. It's only a concept car, but the BBC Prime show Top Gear took the only HyWire in existence for a bit of a test drive recently. The test drive is kind of cool to watch (which you can do over on YouTube). Top Gear correspondent James May takes the car out about a minute into the video (the first minute is dedicated to the Mazda RX 8). The HyWire is not a new concept (it was introduced to the public a few years ago. Here's a write up from the 2002 Paris Motor Show.), but it's cool to see one driving around. Of course, no mention of hydrogen cars would be complete without the standard "the hydrogen economy is 15-20 years away" disclaimer, which May admits at the end of the clip. Sigh.

[Source: BBC Prime via Top Gear. Hat tip to Martijn]

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