Single-frame grilles for last-gen Audis

Though many have panned Audi's new corporate grille, the German automaker has stuck to its guns and disseminated the nose across its entire line up. Many folks, in fact, love the boldness of the single-frame grille that drops deep into every Audi's lower bumper.

Fourtitude has discovered a company called CarLine that produces conversion kits to add Audi's single-frame grille to the company's previous generation of cars. The CI-Look package is available for the B5 A4 and first-generation TT (gallery).

Other companies have hopped on the single-frame grille bandwagon, as well. Hofele Design produces a tasteful single-frame conversion kit for the first generation A8 sedan (gallery) and tuners Mattig (gallery) and PPI Automotive Design (gallery) also make their own kits for the first gen TT.

So don't fret if you're stuck with one of Audi's previous generation cars – you too can have the same gaping grille as the current models.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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