Mod eliminates Hummer mileage problem...or does it?

High gas prices combined with the Hummer's bottom-of-the-barrell gas mileage should spell doom for sales for the boxy SUV, right? Well, two Hummer dealerships may have found a technological workaround. Sib blog engadget reports that Detroit Hummer and Hummer of Novi are selling a modification, called the "Mileage Maximizer," that supposedly increases the SUV's miles per gallon up to as much as the mid-twenties. The modification comes from the aftermarket parts company Air Synergy Labs Inc. with the the dealerships charging $185.95 for the device.
The modifiers have not yet been tested by Hummer or the brand's parent company, General Motors. Both strongly discourage such modifications and hint they may not honor any warranties to modified vehicles. Also, no governmental body has certified the device's claims. The dealerships, though, are pleased with the brisk sales of the modified SUVs. States Russ Reimer, service director for both dealerships, "....We've had some customers already call us back and say they have seen an improvement."

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[Source: Wall Street Journal via engadget; picture by Getty Images]

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