Hummers rumble into London Auto Show and future residency

Oy vey. The city with the oh-so-fuel efficient EVs, subways, and strict anti-pollution and space-premium laws will soon have to make way for the quintessential off-road SUV, the Hummer. That's right: the H2 and H3 will be joining the rest of General Motors' vehicles at the London Auto Show at the end of July and then be available for sale throughout the country.

The H2 will be powered by a 325-bhp, 6.0-liter petrol V-8, while the "smaller" H3 has the 220-bph, 3.5-litrerfive cylinder engine. Diesel versions will be available next year.

No word on whether or not the Queen is going to trade in her carriage for a Hummer.

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[Source: Verdict On Cars via Reuters UK]

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