Jay Mankita, folk singer, promotes biodiesel

Following in the footsteps of the LA artist promoting E85, folk singer Jay Mankita is raising awareness for biodiesel and vegetable oil, traveling to schools demonstrating his converted 2003 Volkswagen Jetta to students and curious parents. The Jetta was modified with a Greasecar kit, which allows the car to run on a combination of biodiesel fuel and vegetable oil. The singer stressed the fuels are better for the environment and help us reach energy independence, on top of saving him some money. The Greasecar kit proved more reliable in winter, compared to systems using only vegetable oil, since the biodiesel allows him to start up the car in cold temperatures. Once the coolant heats up the vegetable oil, it becomes thin enough to be used in the engine. While the singer promotes the use of biodiesel and vegetable oil, he realizes this is only a partial solution in the quest for energy independence, since not enough land is available to power everyone's car with biodiesel.
[Source: Greenwich Time, with a tip from Alex Nunez]

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