Honda's new plant, a "zero waste to landfill" facility, coming to Indiana

Honda announced today that its new $550 million car manufacturing plant will be plopped down in Indiana, 50 miles SE of Indianapolis. Honda is claiming that the new facility will use "advanced methods of energy and emission reduction" to attempt to be a "zero waste to landfill" facility, which I hope doesn't mean they'll just dump the waste out back. Akio Hamada, president of Honda of America Mfg. Inc., and head of Honda's manufacturing operations in the North America Region said in a press release that, "Our commitment to the environment is not based just on regulations or testing standards. Our goal is that this plant in Indiana will have the smallest environmental footprint of any Honda auto plant in North America."
No word on where the new hybrid Honda plans on introducing in 2009 will be built. The Indiana plant will start production in fall 2008 and employ up to 2,000 people.

[Source: Honda, AP]

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