Delphi hires 2,000 temps

In order to offset the loss of production from the departure of 12,600 workers accepting retirement buyouts, Delphi announced yesterday that it has hired some 2,000 temporary workers. The temporary workers will earn $14 an hour where the union workers they're replacing earned $27 an hour. The company admits it will experience a loss in the short term due to lower productivity, but the savings realized from lower wages will more than compensate. The temps are being trained at Delphi's U.S. plants before taking over jobs once held by UAW members.

The Detroit News attempted to reach UAW spokesman Paul Krell but he couldn't be reached for comment. Delphi spokeswoman Lindsey Williams told the newspaper, "The focus may now be on the numbers of people, but the overriding issue for us is obtaining a comprehensive agreement with our unions."

[Source: The Detroit News]

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