Chrysler to play the German card in its advertising

If imports are the new black, Chrysler has quite an ingenious idea: the company will tap DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche in its upcoming advertising campaign to promote the company's German blood and distance itself from the Big 2 and their huge problems. 

Chrysler says the ads will be product-focused, emphasizing the company's German ownership and what that says about the quality, design and overall coolness resulting from the synergies between the Daimler and Chrysler sides of the biz.

Dealers say the ads will be tagged with Chrysler's next big incentive push -- employee pricing.

More will be made clear Friday morning when DaimlerChrysler hold a press conference, purportedly to debut the market campaign in question and further elaborate on its incentive drive for the summer.

[Source: The Car Connection]


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