FAKE 2007 BMW X5 shot leaked by supplier - UPDATE

Automotive glass supplier Saint-Gobain Autover hosted a picture and details of the next BMW X5 on its website well ahead of the SUV's official release date. Inside Line reports that the glass supplier's website states, "The second-generation X5 model will be larger and more versatile, with a seven-seat interior option; it will feature all-new suspension, revised diesel engines and new [gasoline] V8s." The V8s will come from the 7-Series and be available in 4.0-, 5.0-, and 5.8L-liter versions.

After staring at the pic for awhile, we have to agree with the boys over at Eurocarblog that the X5 in this pic doesn't look a whole lot like the many spy pics of the SUV we've seen. The surface area of this X5 seems sharper with many more creases than the somewhat softer shape of the camouflaged prototypes we've seen.

[Source: Inside Line]

UPDATE: Indeed, Nick at Left Lane News let us know the origin of this pic is really a rendering from 2005 that's based on an X3. Indeed, it's obviously a fake when compared to a picture of the smaller X3. Thanks, Nick!

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