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Top Ten... auto-related stories of the past decade

SPEED Channel has released its list of the top ten automotive stories of the past decade. The list is comprised of responses from a group of automotive journalists and SPEED on-air personalities and was compiled in conjunction with the network's ten-year anniversary (has it been that long already?). The top spot is occupied by the price of gasoline rising above $3/gallon with the fall of domestic automakers following close behind. The list in its entirety is as follows.
1. Gasoline tops $3 a gallon
2. Fall of domestic dominance
3. Dale Earnhardt crash at Daytona
4. Retro-inspired cars
5. eBay Motors
6. Barrett-Jackson Auctions
7. Ford vs. Firestone
8. Comeback of the Mini
9. Boom of the Supercars
10. "Trick", "Dub", "Pimp" and Whip"

So what's missing? There's no mention of the sport compact craze, Ford's Mustang surviving the great muscle car massacre, the return of Bob Lutz, the Koreans coming on strong. What else is missing?

[Source: Sports Car Network]

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