Morgan AeroMax headed for limited production

The Morgan Motor Company announced on its website that the classically-styled Aeromax coupe will see limited production.

Originally designed and built as a custom one-off for a private customer, Morgan did a study to see if a production version would be viable. That answer turned out to be yes, and 100 very fortunate buyers will be the beneficiaries. The AeroMax coupe will retail for £94,000, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested buyers should hightail it to the Morgan website to get their name on that short list. The luckiest ones will get to park one of these swoopy split-window beauties in their garage come 2008.

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[Source: Morgan via Winding Road]


The Morgan Motor Company is delighted to announce that following an exhaustive study into the viability of producing the stunning AeroMax Coupe, production is due to commence in January 2008.

A limited run of just 100 individually numbered coach built coupes will be constructed at a rate of 1 -2 cars per week, the final model leaving our production lines in our Centenary year - 2009.

Pricing is anticipated to be around £94,000 + VAT and will be supplied strictly on a first come first served basis.

To make sure your name is high up on the reservation list, contact to register your interest.  You will shortly recieve instructions on how to join the reservation list.  All cars will be supplied through your nearest or preferred dealer.

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