Virginia interstate hybrid tangle

Poor Virginia. Over ten years ago, the state passed laws allowing low emission vehicles to use carpool lanes without having passengers. Few Virginians paid attention.
Flashforward to the year 2000. Hybrid vehicles were allowed to use the car pool lanes which swelled with the environmentally-friendly vehicles. However, non-hybrid lane users complained about the increased traffic. The state government, to deal with the outrage, has passed laws that hybrid vehicles purchased after June 30th will not be allowed in the carpool lanes on Interstates 95 and 395. Hybrid owners will still have access on other highways carpool lanes until July 1st, 2007. Special license plates will be distributed to differentiate the vehicles.

Talk about a mess. We would hate to be at the dealerships before midnight on June 30th.

[Source: Associated Press & VA Department of Transportation via WUSA]

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