Counterpoint: Who Killed The Electric Car?

Karl Brauer of Inside Line brings some interesting counter arguments to the upcoming documentary, "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Brauer had been a guest of Bill Blakemore on ABC News when Blakemore reviewed with director Chris Paine and former GM employee Chelsea Sexton whom Autoblog Green recently interviewed.
Brauer addresses many of the fallacies and half-truths implied in the movie.  General Motors, he points out, did not withhold the EV from purchase. Instead, people lost interest once they discovered the high cost of ownership. The California Air Resources Board had never required the automakers to develop electric vehicles but zero-emission vehicles, which is different. He even tackles the question that the oil companies are "evil" because they-- gasp!--are making a profit.

More questions and details can be found at the article. What do you think of Brauer's counterpoints?

[Source: Edmunds]

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