NASCAR green to go to unleaded fuel next month

In January, sibling blog Autoblog posted news that NASCAR planned to switch to unleaded fuel starting in 2008. NASCAR, whose vehicles are exempt from the 1970 Clean Air Act which required the use of unleaded fuel, continue to use high-octane leaded gasoline. However, officials have been searching for a cleaner fuel but failed until supplier Sunoco introduced Sunoco 260 GTX.
NASCAR will start testing the experimental fuel starting next month. Stock cars at the Busch races will use it through the month of July. Same with the vehicles at the Truck Series in August. Vehicles will then switch back to leaded fuel as NASCAR and Sunoco evaluate the fuel. It is undecided at this time if 260 GTX will be used at the Nextel Cup Series.

The tests are part of NASCAR's plan to switch to unleaded by 2008. Officials hope to run all of its series on Sunoco's unleaded fuel by the beginning of 2007.

[Source: Associated Press via Happy News]

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