Las Vegas drivers go green as first biodiesel pumps open for business

Yesterday, the Utah-based petroleum company Sinclair Oil announced it will start selling biodiesel at 13 of its 30 gas stations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 5 percent biodiesel blend sells at $2.93 a gallon, similar to Sinclair Oil's diesel prices.
The company has been engaged in selling biofuels for some time. Sinclair Oil's supplier for southern Nevada, Haycock Petroleum, supplies some of the state's school buses and motor pools with a 20 percent blend. On a national level, Haycock supplies 2 percent blends to the states of Minnesota and North Dakota while selling to California and Utah as well. Both companies see biodiesel demand to grow in the foreseeable. States Sinclair Oil VP of Marketing Bud Blackmore, "I think biodiesel will evolve and grow. It's certainly being pushed by all governments to expand alternative fuels."

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[Source: Associated Press via Las Vegas Sun]

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