Heavy-duty Nissan Titan on track for 2009

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nissan does plan on building a heavy-duty version of its Nissan Titan pickup that will be ready for sale in late 2009. Production of the Quest minivan at the company's Canton, Miss. plant where both models are produces will likely be moved to make room for the bigger pickup. The Detroit News reports the truck would target contractors and trailer haulers, though doesn't comment on whether the new Nissan would gets its own beefy design like Ford's Super Duty line or settle for a pumped up version of the Titan's skin. Nissan sold 99,775 Titans last year, which, considering the market for full-size trucks is either holding steady or falling means that those sales were swiped from Ford, GM and Dodge. Expect this segment to get even more crowded when the new Toyota Tundra arrives.

[Source: WSJ via The Detroit News]

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