Automakers want you to "Discover the Alternatives" again with 12-page PDF

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (the Auto Alliance, which we posted about here) released a report this week showing how the automakers have "active roles in helping the United States achieve energy security through greater production of alternative fuel autos, new partnerships with fuel providers to expand the fueling infrastructure, and working with governments to get more such vehicles on the road."

The report, available in PDF form here, talks about a variety of biofuel initiatives. For example, the 25 by 25 initiative, where 25 percent of the total transportation used in the U.S. will be provided by America's farms, forests and ranches by 2025.

There are also some strange numbers in the report. Did you know that only 70 percent of the public thinks that diesel is readily available at their gas stations? How about that there are 8 million alternative fuel vehicles on the road today? (Oh, that number includes 3.6 million diesel vehicles and 3.8 million ethanol-capable ones, leaving only 280,000 hybrids. And by ethanol-capable, I'm pretty sure they mean E85 capable, because you can put E5 into any old gasoline engine, can't you?). Anyway, this report is how the automakers view the future of alternative fuels in America. Read it if you want to know what's coming.

Warning: there is an ultra-cheesy pseudo news clip on the main page of the Discover Alternatives website. Turn the volume down on your computer if you click over because the newsy clip's sound is jarring. Not to mention the people dressed in funny green outfits.

[Source: Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers]

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