How big of a hit will the Chrysler's 300C LWB be?

Rick Kranz of Automotive News recently penned a piece asking just how popular will the upcoming Chrysler 300C LWB (Long Wheelbase) be, and is Chrysler underestimating its appeal to the public. DCX is saying it expects to sell around 70 percent of its LWB models to the livery business, which includes limo and high-end taxi services. But Myles Kovacs, president of Dub magazine, thinks the company is underestimating the car's appeal to the public, which includes the superstar athletes and entertainers that grace his mag's covers.

And it's not just the 300C's image, but also it's practical increase in interior volume, that will endear it to the big and tall among us. Its wheelbase is stretched by a full six inches, and we can tell you after sitting in one at the New York Auto Show that the difference in interior volume is profound.  Back seat passengers sit so far back that an intercom system should be standard equipment so they can communicate with those up front.

And don't forget about all the old money out there that Lincoln has been attracting with its Town Car Executive L. While prices of the 300C LWB have yet to be announced, Chrysler has assured us that it will be substantially under the Town Car's price of around $51,345.

[Source: Automotive News via Winding Road]

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