Malaysian students set record for most crammed into a MINI Cooper

A team of 21 students from a college in Kuala Lumpur took four minutes to stuff themselves into a lime green 1999 MINI Cooper, waited the 20 seconds it would take, and made it into the Guiness Book of World Records, so they say. What's more is that the team repeated the feat for a TV crew that showed up too late to catch the first time around.

The students said that it was hot and stuffy in there for those agonizing 20 seconds, but that the organizing crew that helped them in their mission was largely to thank for the good communication and efficient stuffing.

The students claimed that they met the Guinness Book requirements that said those participating must be over 4' 11". They have yet to send video footage to Guinness for official proof, but they say that they beat the previous record, set by 18 women in 2000.

[Source: IOL]

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