Honda engineers in secret engine lab trying to outgreen Toyota

One fact is fairly straightforward: Honda is working on a new diesel engine for the U.S. market in 2009 that will meet stringent U.S. and California emissions standards while using 30 percent less gasoline, according to this article from Bloomberg out today.

The delicious part of the news is both the details of the story (Takeo Fukui, who worked on the successful Civic back in 1973, is behind the new engine, the way Honda and Toyota feed of each other to the top of the green automotive world) and the way the story is told (with lots of background and sources like an auto industry consultant at Casesa Shapiro Group LLC in New York and Jon Spallino, whose family you may have seen in advertising materials and who leases the Honda fuel cell prototype). This article is worth your time if you're interested in why Honda and Toyota are doing so darn well selling cars around the world.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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