Biofuels might make up 20-40 percent of transportation fuel in next 25 years

While I usually like Treehugger, their post on the new "Biofuels for Transportation: Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Agriculture and Energy in the 21st Century" report is a bit sparse, basically just a pointer post. I understand their hesitancy to get deep into the report, since it is not yet available (and won't cost $12,000), but some details have been released. The report is upbeat on biofuels, saying they may make up 37 percent of U.S. transport fuel and 20-30 percent of European transport fuel in the next 25 years. If fuel economy improves, the U.S. number could reach 75 percent. In 2005, biofuels made up 1 percent of the world transportation fuel market. The multi-institutional report also recommends four ways to speed up the development of biofuels: strengthen the market, speed the transition to next-generation technologies, protect the resource base and facilitate sustainable international biofuel trade.
[Source: Worldwatch via Treehugger]

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