Oakland TV news reports on "something called biodiesel"

Listen to the reporter in this KTVU TV news piece. Doesn't it sound like the reporter, Pam Cook, either a.) recently learned about "something called biodiesel" or b.) she doesn't expect the viewing audience to be very aware of the biofuel. Could this mean that not everyone reads biofuel blogs like AutoblogGreen every day? For shame.

Well, welcome to the world. I hope viewers enjoyed being made a little more aware of the possibility of turning soybeans, corn or algae into stuff you can put in your car. The plant profiled, Imperium Renewables, currently makes 5 million gallons year and will be expanded to100 million a year soon. The focus of the piece is on the profitability of renewable biofuels. Nice. You can watch the clip here, but a warning: Annoying commercial included.

[Source: KTVU]

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