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Racing school, tool kits, and other Father's Day gifts

Still trying to figure out what to give dad for Father's Day after you renewed all his car magazine subscriptions back in Christmas? Here are some suggestions covering a gamut of budgets:
  • Package to put in some track time at Skip Racing School.
  • Buy him a 1968 Pontiac GTO or 1965 Mustang convertible
  • Check out the cars at L.A. Roadsters
  • Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum (pictured)
  • Give him the Hammer
  • Give him the book, "Survive the Drive" (SoCal residents only)
  • A Back Reliever Plus
More gifts and details can be found at the link. What car-related gift would give your dad or, if you are a father, would like to receive?

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[Source: Los Angeles Times; picture by Gary Wayne]

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