Toyota's next step towards world domination - home construction

Toyota has been described as some as being a great manufacturing company that just happens to build cars. The company is taking that to heart as it applies its famed mass-production techniques to the housing market.

Selling for around a quarter-million bucks, the metal-framed pre-fab modules or "units" are 85% completed before they leave the factory. After transportation to the assembly site, a dozen or so units are stacked like Lego blocks to achieve the desired living space. The company states that it has no intention to go global with its home construction, likely because this building style limits the market for such a product.

Our readers who are well versed in automobile-related history have likely come across a wide variety of products built by domestic automakers over the years; for example, my in-laws still have a '50s-era International Harvester refrigerator at their cabin.

Check out more info on Toyota's corporate website here.

[Source: Toronto Star]

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