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Redesigned Outlander dresses up with help from Ralliart

The new Outlander is cool. This is something pretty much everyone can agree on. Unfortunately, we have to wait until fall to see it North America. In Japan, however, it's settling into a groove. It has already been bestowed with a G-Limited package that dresses things up rather nicely, and Ralliart, Mitsu's motorsports arm, has gone ahead and released a number of accessories for it.

Outside, the 'ute can be dressed up with a new front air dam, grille, and high-mount rear spoiler. Unlike half the junk you see bolted onto vehicles cruising the roads here, the Ralliart accessories are all wind tunnel tested. They aren't there for looks alone -- they actually get the job done. Ralliart also offers the decals pictured above (the rear window logo is pretty sharp, but the red/white/black geometric deal on the side might be a bit much). You can even order Ralliart-branded wheel centers and lug nuts if that's your fancy.

Engine mods are sparse, and the ones available aren't exactly scintillating: new radiator caps or a new grounding cable kit. Wow, wake me when that's over. In fairness, the Outlander's not a performance machine, so the dearth of engine mods isn't necessarily bad. Things get more interesting as you push through the catalog and find the Ralliart sports suspension kit and ralliart-branded sport seats by Recaro. Finally, a selection of faux carbon fiber trim plates are available for the interior.

How much, if any, of this stuff will make it here with the '07 Outlander is anyone's guess. It'll become clear in the Fall, but in this age of overnight international shipping, the parts are a click or phone call away should the US accessory catalog come up short.

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