Pundits predict future of the U.S. auto industry

Marty Bernstein, contributing editor for the American International Automobile Dealers trade organization, fired up the old rolodex and quizzed a wide range of folks who spend their days trying to anticipate future trends in the U.S. auto industry, asking what the industry will look like in 2011. Their thoughts make interesting reading.
Some highlights:
  • international brands will continue to gain market share in the U.S.
  • the U.S. market will become more like Europe - many brands, no really dominant players
  • biofuels will be important in the U.S., but tariffs and regulations cloud the crystal ball
As Bernstein points out, Newsweek recently published a more broadly-focused series of articles on the future competitiveness of American industry - two particularly interesting pieces are here and here.

[Source: AIADA]

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