The Rapide Concept that debuted in Aston Martin's corner at the 2006 Detroit auto show is a stunner. It also could mean big business for Aston as a sedan, even one aimed at the über wealthy, is able to interest a far greater number of people than a high-powered sports coupe like the V8 Vantage and V12 Vanquish.

Aston Martin is still committed to getting the Rapide out on the road as fast as possible, with a launch date tentatively set for sometime in 2007. The pic you see here is a new shot taken of the Rapide Concept, not the production version. We'll likely see the production version next year in Detroit at the latest, but for now we'll feast our eyes on Aston's new set of Glamour Shots for the Rapide. Check out the rest at the link.

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