Volvo's international Flex-fuel, Bi-fuel engines

While it seems General Motor's been stomping all over its domestic rival Ford Motor Co. on the biodiesel issue, apparently that's because Blue Oval's just been keeping its alternative fuel cards close to Volvo, one of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has developed models that can be equipped to use either the biofuel E85 or bi-fuel, which is a combination of gasoline and methane. Currently, the Volvo S40 and the V50 can run on E85. Both are sold in Sweden where the fuel is more readily accessible. Bi-fuel, on the other hand, can be used by properly equipped models such as the S60 to the V70. Unlike biodiesel, gasoline and methane are held in separate tanks. The engine runs primarily on the latter; gasoline is only used to start the car or if it runs out of methane.
Bi-fuel vehicles are only available in Europe.

[Source: DueMotori]

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