Caterhams are light and fast. Take the company's flagship CSR260, for example. Weighing in at around 1300 pounds and packing a 260-horse 2.3-liter Ford Duratec screamer underhood, the car flashes from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds and tops out at 155 mph. Now the company has decided to up the ante with the introduction of the CSR260 Superlight.

Apparently, it was felt that the regular car could benefit by going on a diet, so the windshield, carpeting, heater and weather equipment (wipers, etc.) all got tossed in the dumpster. A carbon fiber wind deflector is installed in the spot vacated by the windshield. The material is also used to form the cockpit's new dashboard and wings that help keep it safely planted to the ground ("Wings" is Brit-speak for "front fenders." Thanks to commenter Otto for the clarification. -AN). The rest of the cockpit gets powder-coated and outside, most of the exposed aluminum gets blacked out (Caterham calls this the "black pack").  Handling improvements come in the form of faster steering, a limited-slip differential, and Multimatic-developed "Dynamic Suspensions" dampers. Finally, a detatchable MOMO steering wheel rounds out the Superlight's racy character. The deleted parts and materials represent 55 lbs in weight savings over the standard car, and the whole package is designed to give the driver world-beating handling behavior.

The Superlight shares the 0-60 times and top speed of the regular CSR260, and really, that's fine. Any faster and the car would run the risk bending the space/time continuum without requiring the use of a flux capacitor.

Finished car pricing starts at £37,995 (around $70,000 USD), and Caterham is taking orders now. Delivery of the new rides this August..

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[Source: Caterham Cars Ltd.] Caterham CSR260 Superlight - ParkedCaterham CSR260 Superlight suspension tuning at Multimatic

07 June 2006


In a perfect example of automotive alchemy, Caterham Cars is set to deliver all the driving excitement associated with its stripped-out Superlight versions to the range-topping Caterham CSR260 model, to create the brand new Caterham CSR260 Superlight.

Aimed at the enthusiast, the 2.3 litre Cosworth-powered road legal Caterham CSR260 Superlight brings all the performance credentials associated with its stablemate, like a supercar-humbling 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds and a licence-losing top speed of 155mph, yet swaps the windscreen, carpet, heater and weather gear for a limited slip differential and a quicker steering rack. Decisively, it also premiers 'Dynamic Suspensions' dampers manufactured by MTCe as original equipment for an undiluted performance driving experience.

The result is a breath-taking Caterham experience that blends no frills road legal agility with devastating track capability.

Twenty five kilos lighter than the standard CSR260, this model variant also adds distinctive Superlight styling to the exterior, including a wind deflector, a carbon fibre dashboard and wings, a black powder coated cockpit, quick release MOMO steering wheel and 'black pack' that disguises otherwise aluminium detailing.

A natural extension of the CSR range, this Superlight model delivers all the thrills of frantic acceleration, pin-sharp steering, high revving eager performance mated to a close ratio six speed box, in a sportscar that is perfectly balanced to focus the driver solely on driving and smiling.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 460 BHP per tonne, the Caterham CSR260 Superlight finds itself in similar company to the £323,000 Porsche Carrera GT or the £118,000 Ferrari F430.

In a now customary move, Caterham has developed an options list that highlights the cost alongside the weight of items such as windscreen, heater, weather gear, dry sump, track day roll-over bar and fire extinguisher.

Caterham is taking orders now with the first cars delivered in August. Prices start at £37,995 fully built. Visit for further information.


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