Multi-fuel gas station in San Diego offers more fuel types than any other gas station in U.S.

E85, propane, biodiesel, CNG, regular gasoline, diesel and electric car plug-in stations. If you gas up at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot, you'd better pay attention to exactly what you're putting in your tank. The gas station offers more fuel types than any other in the country, although the feature article from the AP doesn't exactly pin down how many types that is. Seems like the car best suited for this station is the new Volvo multi-fuel prototype, doesn't it?
The station's co-owner, Mike Lewis, said offering the fuel variety to customers isn't a profitable venture yet, but could be soon if gas prices continue to head upwards. The AP story includes quotes from customers happy to pay for renewable fuel because when you buy gasoline, "You're sending the money out of the country, that's for sure."  The station is located at a car dealership that also includes the EcoCenter for Alternative Fuel Education, an alt-fuel promotion center that is a destination for schoolchildren on field trips in the area.

[Source: Mercury News]

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