When you're an American princess and heiress to a fortune the size of GM's legacy costs, you don't need to obey such silly things as laws and such. Paris Hilton's paparazzi caught the young self-made celebrity backing out of a parking spot in her Range Rover and swapping paint with an unsuspecting Civic. After hanging around long enough for the videographer to capture the damage done to both cars (but not long enough for her to get out of the SUV and survey the damage herself), Paris punched it and headed for the exit.

The money shot is of the Range Rover's bumper that suffered a scrape and a crack right next to the back-up object sensors, which apparently couldn't be heard over the starlet's debut single Stars are Blind blaring on the stereo. (We're just guessing about that last part, but anyone wanna bet we're wrong?)

[Source: YouTube via Autoblog.it]

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